#2 – Spiders

This ugly brute has been unfairly victimised

“I have drunk, and seen the spider” – William Shakespeare

In America, today is National Save a Spider Day. Spiders have been tagged with looking grotesque and being a creepy crawly, with many haters living over here. Common sense would dictate that, at least in the UK, chomping poisonous spiders are exceptionally rare (and they have a penchant for blue blood, or so history would prove).

No, spiders in this country are relatively harmless, yet still get castigated just for being a bit bad looking. Yet at the same time, we rely on them more than we think, preying on crop-destroying insects who actually do want to rip your face off. Well, maybe only an arm, but the intent is there. The same goes for your garden; spiders are protecting you, like miniature bodyguard tigers with guns.

Add to this the intricacy of their webs (care and attention rivalled only to how much my girlfriend puts into playing Prince of Persia), plus their remarkable eco-friendly antics (they roll up old broken webs to use again in a new one) and you have one amazing creature, brought down in people’s estimations by a select few wanting to kill everyone.

Above all, however, spiders have provided us with the best kids show to ever grace the television. Who knew spiders got all depressed getting stuck in baths, ey?


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