#4 The S-Shape from Tetris

Look who didn'get invited to the party...

“Dum dum-dum dum dum-dum dum dum-dum dum dum-dum dum dum-dum dum dum dum dum dum” – Tetris

Unsung heroes don’t have to be people; they don’t even have to be animals or fictional characters. They can for all their wont be a simple set of four cubes arranged into a tetromino. Not just any tetronimo mind, but a specifically shaped tetronimo (I shall now do my best to stop typing tetromino lest the red line monster decides to have a fit), one that is often unfairly picked on.

We all know the tetris shapes; the frustration of waiting for that four-long I shape to turn up so we can yell “TETRIS” as four rows vanish (just me?), the satisfying click of the L and J into the right spaces, and the completely fair bashing of the boring square you ruins every game because it WON’T ROTATE INTO ANYTHING USEFUL! However, the yelling at the quare should not transgress over to the other two shapes, as much as you want to punch their little tetrahedral faces in. No, the z and, more specifically, the s-shapes are criticised without basis just because people can’t use them properly.

Rotate it you fool!

A lot of people I know seem to just forget you can rotate the little bleeders. Yes, the L and S may be easier to know what they’ll look like upside down and in a gumtree but that’s no excuse to discriminate against what looks like a square having had its face punched. There is always room for the s-shape and if not, you’re just not looking hard enough.

Of course it bears reason to wonder why I have chosen the S over the Z, given that they are much the same specimen, just flipped along the vertical axis, and you would be right to. It is because while you can find things on the internet costume, knitting, plushy-wise for everything else, even Z, S is cruelly overlooked, like it urinated on the plant the last time he came to stay and ate your petunia’s because he had the munchies.

S-shape has got me out of many a predicament in my tetris playing days (mainly on my tetris watch while at primary school which, might I add, was one of best presents I have ever received. Beat that Shrek shower cap-buying sister), so much so I became kind of fixated with them and drew them everywhere. I tried the others, but the T-shape was hard to love and Z-shape couldn’t be use to spell my name so he had to go. S-shape, you will always have my respect.

For those who now have the tetris theme song in their head, relax your buzzing little mind and watch the video below to soothe yourselves.



    • Not wrong at all, some people, for whatever reason, just don’t get it and so need to be told when they’re doing it wrong

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