#10 – Roger Wilco

He's a hunk of a pixelated entity

“Mommy, how come all the other kids in class get new mops and I don’t?” – Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco is a hero. He has saved countless worlds from hostile threats and defeated terrible enemies which threatened destruction to man different races. There is one major difference between Wilco and most other heroes of videogame world, however; Roger Wilco unclogs toilets for a living.

And what does he get for his selfless heroics from his grateful compatriots of the human and alien races? Well, anything from a promotion to head janitor on another spaceship to being court martialed and demoted from de facto captain of a starship for not following regulations when saving the world. Roger is a truly an unlucky man to have been treated this way (although he may also be the luckiest having unwittingly survived many attacks and invasions through dumb luck).

Like all heroes in the adventure genre, he has inherited bottomless pocket syndrome. However, his case is far more severe and impressive than many others, being able to fit an entire ladder into his pockets. He has also had  many, many, many deaths , some of which were some of the most interesting to befall a man, including being crushed by a rogue meteor, getting stuck to a tree and being eaten alive by insects and being killed by an arcade change machine.

Space Quest was never the most sympathetic of games

However, despite dying so often, he got the job done. Six times.

He is a truly under appreciated hero in his universe. However, he’s just under appreciated in this universe too. Sierra made some great games back in 80s and early 90s; the fun I had with King’s and Space Quest can only be rivalled by looking at my sister’s face of absolute terror when given any sort of timed problem in the games (King’s Quest III being her particular arch-nemesis). Anyway, these Sierra games are usually eclipsed by Lucasarts efforts in the early 90s and the games of the “Quest” series are usually confined to history, and as such the world is deprived of as fun set of games with as advanced a sense of humour.


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