What in the Hell?

Even this humble blender could one day be an unsung hero. Just needs to save some children from a burning building first.

Who In The Hell is a blog dedicated to highlighting unsung and overlooked heroes from all over the shop, past and present. They may be slightly well-known but unsung for different reasons, or they may be completely and utterly new to you, either because they’re not in your field of interest or they’re just plain anon. If you’re really, really lucky, you may know who they are. Congratulations!

They may be old, young, small or tall. They could even be objects or concepts, places or videogames. Just about anything can qualify to be an unsung hero, just so long as it in same way has been heroic and is under-appreciated to a certain extent.

Whoever the hero or heroine are, I hope you enjoy what you read and feel compelled to have a look at them in more detail. If you like what you see on a particular post, please leave a comment or press the ‘Like’ button. If you don’t feel free to leave a comment anyway.

If you have any suggestions for a hero for m to profile, leave a comment anywhere on the blog or leave me a message at @whointhehellis

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